Dubistr wins Physical Internet Venture Award 2018


We’ve won the 2nd Physical Internet Award for Start-ups! Tom pitched our unique but realistic 3-staged approach towards an envisioned disruptive new infrastructures, networks and systems for B2C delivery, firmly based on blockchain technology and Physical Internet.

This was the call proceeding the award: “The University of Groningen, European Technology Platform ALICE , TKI Dinalog and the Physical Internet Initative are looking for innovations, new businesses and new technologies to make a future Physical Internet happen.” See https://www.pi.events/IPIC2018/ for more on the event and on Physical Internet.

Core of our pitch: Before we, or anyone else for that matter, can start building a disruptive new Physical Internet and/or Internet of Things infrastructure for parcel delivery, we NEED to GET minimal amount of users for the network to work. That demands creating value for users in the chain in a first stage already. 

The academic jury of the award apparently appreciated this down-to-earth strategy en granted us the IPIC award 2018! This brings pride, but most of all energy to keep going along this path!

Want to know more or meet our team? Mail Tom at tom@dubistr.nl